Welcome to Windblown, a modern supernatural roleplay revolving around the city of Windblown, Colorado. Though humanity may still be reeling from the shocking realization that the monsters are real, the supernatural community grapples with maintaining diplomatic relations with their more mundane neighbors. Windblown has been a testament that the normal and paranormal can live together peacefully, but is that peace sustainable? As the city develops and grows the oversight of the Supernatural Investigations Division has become more obvious. In the city of Windblown there's always been an unspoken rule - if you can't control yourself, SID will.

The votes are in and the June of the Months have been announced! The members have spoken and the spotlights have been filled! Congratulations to those who've grabbed a coveted space and thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination and voting process. We know it was hard to choose one character for each spot given how many spectacular critters we have running around! Junes's Surprise might have been Our Local Law Enforcement but who knows what the next will be.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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1-50 is the first level of increased ability.
51-104 is the second level of increased ability.
105-200 is the third level of increased ability.

200-304 is the fourth level of increased ability.
305-400 is the fifth level of increased ability.
401-500 is the sixth level of increased ability.

500-600 is the seventh level of increased ability.
601-850 is the eighth level of increased ability.
851+ is the ninth and final level of increased ability, as strong and superior as a vampire can get.

[ - ] Vampires must consume blood
If a vampire does not drink blood, they will wither.

[ + ] Enhanced Strength, Speed, & Senses
Proportional to their age.

[ + ] Immortality, Enhanced Healing & Regeneration
Consuming blood enhances healing rates for all vampires, and for older vampires, regeneration is possible. All vampires are immortal if they consume blood.

[ - ] Daylight
Vampires can walk in broad daylight, however they have extreme sensitivity and often suffer varying degree of burns. The older the vampire, the higher their tolerance.

[ + ] Magnetism, Allure & Fright
Proportional to age, vampires can charm and subliminally draw others to them. This works on the ground of unconscious emotional triggers and pheromones. Vampires can induce fear as well.

[ - ] Burning
Mature and Ancient vampires can only truly be killed by being burned, otherwise they regenerate.

The vampire of legend and myth compares little to the vampire of reality. They are the epitome of a predator, with a very clear superiority over the other supernaturals if they survive to become Ancient. Vampires have been in existence since the first human being walked the earth, and if one will believe certain archives, vampires might have existed before mankind. Regardless of their origin, they are immortal and are definitely not alive in the same way the other species are.

Vampires are not born, but re-born, through contamination. The contamination process is delicate - depending on the state of the victim, transformation into a vampire may or may not occur. The ideal victim is one near death, with little blood remaining. When such a victim is bit they are often unconscious and usually, believe it or not, actually die. It is rare that the victim won't physically die before they are reborn.

To no surprise, it isn't uncommon for these victims - if abandoned by their sire - to be discovered dead and find themselves in morgues across the country. It usually takes a few days before the fledgling vampire awakes, but when they do rest assured they will be thirsty. The survival rate for Newborn vampires is extremely low without guidance from older vampires. Generally, they're killed or they starve.

Those vampires who do survive seem to gain strength as they age. The older a vampire is, the harder they are to kill and the stronger they are. Though newborns can be prey to other paranormals, when a vampire reaches maturity they are a potent threat to even the hardier werecreatures. When vampires become ancient however, they're terrifying.

Newborn vampires are, as the name suggests, the newly turned. While they might have above average speed and strength compared to human beings, their other senses (such as sight, smell, and hearing) are only boosted to the human equivalent of perfect. Newborn vampires run faster than most humans, and are stronger, but cannot rival werebeasts in either respect. Truly, these are the weakest vampires, still like humans, but instead of needing solid food they need blood to survive. Like any vampire, if a vampire does not feed on blood they will wither. Given the necessity of hunting most vampires that survive to mature are intelligent, clever, and adaptable. Those who are not suited to the life of vampire die quickly... which is most of the Newborns one will come across.

Mature vampires are those 200 years and older. After newborns, they are the most numerous and tend to develop good control of their vampiric abilities. With this age they begin to develop power that's on par with other supernatural creatures. Mature vampires move so quickly that they are a blur, their eye sight (both daytime and nocturnal) is on par with raptors, and they can discern all other species scents besides mutants. Vampires who've reached maturity also begin secreting pheromones used for charming the other species and begin to develop magnetism - they now tend to be able to attract and repel others through subconscious emotional manipulation. Mature vampires have the raw strength to lift a regular service truck with medium effort.

Ancient vampires are those 500 years and older. They are incredibly rare and most tend to be vicious and cruel, if only because a sentient creature cannot live that long and not be scared. Rumor says that their humanity rots away as vampires age, and whether it's true or not is a matter of debate. Regardless, with this age vampires reach the ability to tap into the full capacity of their enhanced strength, sight, hearing, sense of smell, and speed. Their movement is not always discernible, occasionally only sensed by air ruffling other objects - even to the other supernaturals. Strength wise, they could lift an eighteen-wheeler with medium effort and are a challenge for individual werecreatures to handle. Ancient vampires are notorious for preying upon the other supernaturals and even fellow vampries.

The pure are superior in every way to the bitten. They are faster, stronger, and hardier, able to shift within their first year of life. They also tend to be high-ranking with strong alpha senses. Most Pures frown upon biting others, but for those that go rogue, the bitten arise.

The Bitten are enhanced, yes, but their changes are more painful and harder. They're more closely tied to the moon, their changes becoming easier as the full moon draws closer. Most Bitten have something of a religion in regards to the moon cycles, though not always. They also have trouble with controlling their animal form, having to fight to keep their humanity while changed. If they cannot control themselves and become a problem, they must be put down by Pures in the community.

[ - ] Moon Cycles
Bitten werecreatures tend to be emotionally tied to the moon.

[ + ] Three Forms
All werecreatures have three forms: human, bipedal, and their animal form.

[ + ] Increased Longevity
Werecreatures can live up to 360 years. They can, however, die from extreme physical trauma.

[ + ] Enhanced Strength, Speed, & Senses
Werecreatures are stronger, faster, and have keener senses than animals and supernaturals, excluding some mature vampires and all ancient vampires.

[ + ] Disease & Poison Resilient
Werecreatures are disease resilient. They usually don't get sick by natural means, nor are they susceptible to poisons.

While the vampires may have a history tied with predation of human beings, the werecreatures are something different all together. The old werecreatures often said that they were tied to the land and born from nature as protectors. As the myths go, the werecreatures were once able to harness the magic in nature to heal the sick and to wage war against Mother Nature's enemies. Whether that is true or not, the magic is lost, and the only 'magic' that remains for werecreatures is their ability to change forms.

Unlike shapeshifters, werecreatures are innately tied to the animal whose form they possess. Werecreatures don't just take the shape of a particular animal, they are it. Werecreatures are a fascinating example of an entity that casually walks the line of being human and inhuman with relative ease. They are steeped in tradition and are undoubtedly one of the highest paranormal populations on the globe (they can reproduce amongst themselves). Werecreatures are very mobile and consequently, they've established international clans in an attempt to maintain connections and support wherever family units roam.

Werecreatures have three forms. The first is their animal form. It is larger than a normal specimen of their species and are notably superior physically. While in their animal form, a werecreature cannot communicate in the human tongue, only the animal tongue. Werecreatures are generally fastest and most mobile in their animal form.

In their bipedal form, they are a mixture of animal and beast. They generally look humanoid with notable animalistic features. This is their largest and strongest form. Werecreatures can speak the animal tongue, and (with notable strain) human tongue in this form. Examples of what this form might look like.

Their last form is their human form. Werecreatures in their human form, cannot speak the animal tongue though they often can understand it. Werecreatures in their human form are notably stronger and hardier than the average human. Wounds translate to the werecreature in all forms and it is ill-advised to shift while hurt (the injury can suffer further fissure and rupture during the violent transformation). Werecreatures heal faster than human beings and can sustain more physical trauma than the average person.

The werebeasts are all small to large carnivores. Though there are many different forms that can be taken they fall into four umbrella categories. Canidae, Felidae, Ursidae, and Mustelidae. Canidae weres include wolves, wild dogs, coyotes, jackals, and foxes. Felidae weres include lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers, servals, caracals, bobcats, lynxes, cougars, and cheetahs. Ursidae weres include spectacled bears, sun bears, sloth bears, black bears, brown bears, and polar bears. Mustelidae weres include badgers, wolverines, martens, fishers, and weasels. All werebeasts tend to live three times as long as the normal human, maintaining their young looks for years upon years. However, they usually die young as they live more violent lifestyles.

Canidae weres are most accurately small to medium in size. Their relationship with the other groups is limited at best, as they are most loyal to one another. The Felidae they have an open hostility towards, the Ursidae they are wary of, and the Mustelidae are viewed with disdain.

Felidae weres are most accurately small to medium in size. Their relationship with the other groups is interesting, as they are loyal to one another but only up to a point. While they do not necessarily like the Canidae, they aren't openly vicious. The Ursidae, they are reasonably nervous with, but they get along swimmingly with the Mustelidae.

Ursidae weres are most accurately medium to large in size. They tend to have no personal feelings toward any other individuals. Though they help one another out, they aren't incredibly loyal, but that doesn't mean they're apathetic. They simply have limited feelings toward one another and other groups, treating them with ambivalence.

Mustelidae weres are most accurately small in size. They have complicated relationships with all of the other groups. The Canidae intimidate them, but at the same time, they know it's good to have them on their side. The Felidae are friendly towards them, usually allowing them enough comfort to relax. The Ursidae they are wary of, but don't mind sidling up with.

While different shifter families may view totem collecting as an improper or reviled act, others rejoice in it. Shifters can “collect” totems, as their own can be destroyed. Many shifters use their ability to understand, and generally relate to, all other animals to earn their totems. It requires a heavy dedication, and is also costly to the shifter as they must use some of their own energy to bind the animal essence to the totem.
Shapeshifters tend to live in very close family groups. Not tribes, not clans, but close-knit families. Usually, the family is highly extended, but all are very familiar with one another. Shapeshifters have their abilities from what are known as totems (which can be in the form of piercings, rings, necklaces, etc. generally the object is small) that are important, sacred, and treated almost as religious artifacts. While they have the ability to turn into any species, it is reliant upon the totem they have acquired.

Totems are the contained remnants of spirit animals. The first totem a shifter might receive could be a gift from family, or be created be the young shifter themselves. Often the process of acquiring a totem is long and drawn out - it involves bonding with an individual spirit and the spirit agreeing to be bound to a totem. Given the magical nature of totems, they're often an object of fascination among the other supernaturals. Though only shapeshifters have the ability to use the totem, they are popular subjects of theft.

Every totem is unique, even if they are of the same animal. Though two individuals might have a fox totem, the individual fox spirit connected to each totem is different. Consequently, differences arise between the totems in coloring or pattern, as well as 'temperament', 'attitude', and 'spirit'. Older totems with older spirit animals have been known to give guidance to the shapeshifter who acquires them. Regardless, the animal's essence must be given willingly, which is why shifters themselves are so rare. Shifters are not made, but born... and they are not created through genetic traits. Shapeshifters are selected by the spirits as infants, but generally shapeshifting is popular among historical family bloodlines.

Shapeshifters do not have any enhanced abilities, beyond the abilities that the particular animal form they are occupying might possess.


From the Masterlist of Mutations, select two mutations. Characters may select duplicate abilities to enhance the ability.

Mutants are humans who were born a little different. It isn't their fault, and it isn't a choice. Some embrace it, others hide from it, but at the end of the day their genetic code is just a bit different. That little difference in the genetic coding is what spirals the human body into being something a little extraordinary. Though mutants are humans through and through, they have the capacity to do amazing things. It's up to the mutants to decide how they take their own gift. Mutants luck out (or maybe they don't) because to the other paranormals, they seem to be plain ol' humans. Mutants have an easier time than the other supernaturals blending in.


Mutant Interaction Powers
Power Negation
This user can cancel out the powers of others. This mutation can display in a variety of ways. Limitations: effects may be temporary, may be constantly active, may be ineffective against those who do not utilize mutant powers in combat, may be limited to only weakening powers.

Power Detection
This user can sense the presence of supernatural powers, and possibly gain a detailed understanding of them. This mutation can display in a few ways. Limitations: may be dependent upon natural senses, may be unable to define the quantity of the power and result in meeting a strong power when expecting a weak one.

Personal Physical Powers
Regenerative Healing
This user can rapidly regenerate damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing or even stopping aging. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: instantly lethal attacks are likely un-recoverable, wounds of extreme depth of carrying deep emotions may result in scars, brain cells can be repaired but if the cerebral cortex is damaged death may occur, may still be vulnerable to disease, pain suppression may not occur, may still be vulnerable to suffocation or asphyxiation.

Claw Retraction
This user can project or retract claws from their fingertips for offensive purposes. This mutation can display in a few different ways; claws can be composed of energy, bone, or keratin. Limitations: may take practice to retract claws, claws may not be durable, may not be able to retract claws.

Poison Immunity
This user is immune to forms of poison/toxin/venom. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may be immune to only certain types of poison/toxin/venom, may be immune only to toxins produced by own body.

Night Vision
This user is able to see in dark or dim environments as though they were well-lit. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may become sensitive to sudden flashes or bright light, might take time for eyes to re-adapt to regular light, may not be able to see in PURE darkness.

Mentality-Based Powers
This user is able to instantly speak and understand any language fluently. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may require physical contact with one who speaks the language, some users may only be able to translate and/or interpret the language, may be limited to the forms of communications that the user can perceive.

Psychic Shield
This user is immune against psychic attacks. This mutation can display in a variety of ways. Limitations: powerful opponents may still have some effect, shield may have to be consciously activated, doesn't work against physical abilities and/or actual attacks.

This user is able to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses. This mutation can display in a variety of ways. Limitations: must be able to observe the object by senses, may be limited to certain sense like sight or touch only.

Mendacity Detection
This user is able to detect lies. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may not differentiate between a white lie or a secret, may not be able to differentiate lies if subject/target have no pulse difference, may not work on the brainwashed, may be subconsciously blocked when around someone the person trusts.

This user is able to compel others with their voice. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: must be able to speak to control others and those others must be able to understand and hear the commands, someone with high intelligence can be resistant, complex commands may be less effective than simple commands, anything that prevents the user from speaking or target from hearing blocks this power.

Classical Elements Powers
Air Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate air. This mutation can display in several different ways. Limitations: may be unable to create air/wind therefore limited to already existing sources, distance and amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user.

Earth Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate earth. This mutation can display in several different ways. Limitations: may be unable to create earth therefore limited to already existing sources, distance and amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user, may be impossible to control glass and artificial solids.

Fire Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate fire. This mutation can display in several different ways. Limitations: may be unable to create fire therefore limited to already existing sources, distance and amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user, control is important as unconscious use of power can be catastrophic, burning oneself may be possible, may be limited to controlling/immunity to the fire they create.

Water Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate water. This mutation can display in several different ways. Limitations: may be unable to create water therefore limited to already existing sources, distance and amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user, controlling and manipulating great bodies of water (lakes, ponds, seas, oceans) is exhausting, will cause dehydration of user when generating own water.

Electric Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate electricity. This mutation can display in several different ways. Limitations: may be unable to create electricity therefore limited to already existing sources, distance and amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user, may have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge, may have problems using electronics, user may short circuit when hit with water.

Plant Manipulation
This user is able to manipulate plant-life. This mutation can display in a variety of ways. Limitations: may be unable to create plants, most users are powerless when in an area without plants, users may only be able to control certain types of plants, users may be limited on how many plants or how long they can control them.

Energy Manipulation Powers
Concussive Beams
This user is able to discharge beams of pure solidified energy. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may be involuntary, user may not be immune to impact effects, user may need to be constantly conscious of action/movement, user may need to know the location of target.

Pyrotechnic Projection
This user is able to generate fireworks. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may be inaccurate until mastered, may cause unwanted side-effects like accidental fire, may need to be aware of any mirrors.

Light Generation
This user is able to generate photons of light. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: can be bounced back by mirrors and glass, the user may have a limit amount of shining light, may be overwhelmed by intense levels of darkness.

Energy Conversion
This user can absorb ambient energy into their body/proximity and convert it into another form of energy. This mutation can display in a few different ways. Limitations: may require focus to convert energy into another, may backfire on user, may be harmful to user when absorbing dangerous energy.

Just plain ol' humans. We could write a lengthy report, but we won't. Humans are humans in every way, with various folks taking the knowledge of the supernaturals being real in a variety of different ways.
One Hell of a Turn

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