And it's on tonight How about we go and save the night I can see you want it and so do I How about we go and save the night Let's save the night

A snowy owl hooted in the night, flying on silent wings towards the sunrise. It was early dawn, Rozalina had been unable to sleep. Another nightmare. She had gone out flying in the hopes that it might settle her mind, a bit of quiet, some peace. Not that she didn’t love her time at her place with Rina, but it wasn’t anything compared to the sprawling landscape that her parents had on their estate. The lack of neighbors for a couple miles, it all compiled to make it so much nicer and quieter than with the city. She hooted softly once more, before turning to fly home. Only…she heard something not far off, and she had to admit her curiosity was peaked. After all, what would someone be doing out in the forest this early in the morning. If she’d been in her human form she wouldn’t have been so inquisitive, but under Aine’s influence, she was, and flew closer to the source.

She perched on a branch high up in a tree not far from the source and tilted her head slightly, unblinking amber eyes taking in the scene below her, making her more curious. She hooted softly once more and glided to another tree, a lower branch, this time in sight of the person/being below. She wondered what they were doing, and was sorely tempted to glide to a lower branch, but didn’t, because that cautious, shy/fearful part of her was taking control, whispering hints, whispering to be careful, to be cautious, not to get too close. But something told her she wanted to get closer, to learn more.

So she flew lower, hooted again, and then perched just a mere eight feet above the ground, far close enough to definitely be seen by the object of her curiosity, not that she seemed too worried with the other being hostile, for whatever reason, she was just curious after all, and perhaps far more emboldened by the fact that she could just flee if things were bad.