Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Maybe it was a bit forward of her ask about him making the sandwich. Okay maybe it was more like she was just a bit too excited. Vivian felt a bit silly thinking about it. But what else could she say since she really did enjoy Adam's cooking. “I will be holding you to that.” She grinned widely as she really did enjoy his cooking. It was one of the best things that came with him being hired to work at the diner. Between his good cooking and great personality he was someone fun to work with and hang around with. Of course Gemma would probably say there was more then just that when it came to him, but Vivian tried not to think about it as business always came up first next to her family. Something that anyone who was interested in her was going to have to find a way to conquer or at least convince her their was more to life then such things. She was stubborn like a mule, surprising that was not her totem. Though it was something of a secret desire, that she kept to herself of meeting the right guy that would sweep her off her feet. Of course they had to get along with her family too otherwise there really would not be much. She just was not going to make it easy for anyone just win her heart, which probably played into a role of her not paying attention to those around her.

Vivian was surprised by how thoughtful he was with sharing the treat. Not only with her but the siblings working the stand. As she thought about it though, it was not too surprising. Adam had always been a kind man after all. And she felt a little flutter of the heart. So much for not being won of so easily. She decided to focus on the piece of fruit as a much needed distraction from anything else that her heart was trying to get across to her brain. She did need to make a counter to point what he said, in her nature of being stubborn. “Hey now, I think you are plenty of thoughtful all the time.” She said with a giggle. “So no more put downs or I might just have to follow you around constantly complimenting you every time there are any put downs.” She was teasing of course, as she could just imagine the kind of looks that people would give her. Which she was reminded that she was not alone with Adam. She felt her face blush before letting out a soft cough. “Not that I would actually do that.” She waved one her free hands letting out a nervous chuckle.