Well my dear, what long arms you have. All the better to hold you down. Well my dear what deep roots you have (all the better to) all the better to hold you down. We live inside your branches, your family nests. Asks boy where have you been. Well you don't know where I've been. And you don't know where I've been, no you don't know where I've been. You don't know where I've been. You don't know where, you don't know where, no.

The day had been surprisingly long... At least, it had been for Katie Campbell. Still, she projected an aura of confidence. An aura of belonging. And why shouldn't she? To her left, a Carolina Dog walked, and to her right, a Caspian Tiger named Shere Khan. Right behind her, fluttering along, was a Gyrfalcon known as Gracie. No one could see them, none besides Katie. Her spirit companions were unique, as always, their totems fixed together on a bracelet. A different sort of charm bracelet, as it were.

Despite her glamor, despite being beautiful and appearing to belong... She was exhausted. There were no dark circles under her eyes, no tell-tale signs of fatigue. This was her skill. A social chameleon. Her spirits stayed quiet, allowing her to focus her energy on being professional. Usually, Milo would have piped in and told her to rest, but he knew better. She was on a mission!

Her anniversary with Elijah was coming up. She needed to find him a gift, but she had no idea what to get him. In her dress, and comfortable, short heels, she was ready for walking. Ready to prance around various shops Uptown, and find him the perfect gift! If only she knew what the hell to buy him... In fact, she was so consumed with these thoughts, she didn't watch where she was going.